About Row 8

In 2014, he saw an opportunity to begin trying to make government work for the people of New Orleans and ran for City Council. Although a political novice, his substantive and progressive agenda was elected by a two-to-one margin. In 2017 he overwhelmingly secured a second term, defeating four challengers without a runoff. In his six years on the City Council, four of which he has served as its president, Jason implemented the teaching of Marty Linsky from the Norman C. Francis Leadership Institute, worked to create a host of public facing dash boards providing real time data and information to the people of New Orleans regarding neighborhood crime, jail population, money bail and traffic camera tickets. Jason also led the effort for the first time funding of early childhood education in his first term, making New Orleans the first municipality in the country to make such significant front end investments in its youth. Jason challenged President Trump's horrific immigration policies making it clear that no New Orleans agency or officer would be allowed to participate in any ICE raids or initiatives. He has also worked with his fellow members of the council to achieve municipal bail reform and decriminalized marijuana.