During Jason's tenure on the City Council, he pushed for use of technology and data to enhance the lives of New Orleanians. Jason established the first of their kind, public-facing dashboards to track neighborhood crime trends, track police incidents of misconduct, jail population, money bail, traffic camera tickets and local COVID-19 spread. These dashboards were posted to the City Council website and provided residents 24 hour access to updates on what was occurring in their city from the comfort of their homes. 

Transparency will be the cornerstone of the DA's office just as it was during Jason's tenure on the Council. 

  • As District Attorney, Jason will allow every New Orleanian to see what their money is paying his office to do. 
  • Jason will collect and publish data on who his office decides to prosecute and not prosecute in order to remain accountable to the public. 

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Record of Reform: Consent Decree Dashboard

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