Part of tackling the growing crime problem is re-invigorating public confidence in the integrity and ability of the criminal justice system. Jason believes New Orleans must put a smarter criminal justice process in place, budget for proven crime prevention initiatives, efficiently manage the city's limited resources, and create meaningful alternatives to the incarceration of youth and non-violent offenders. Jason will listen to, work with, educate and enlist support of civic leaders, organizations and private citizens to improve criminal justice initiatives.   

Jason’s vision for a better New Orleans:

1. Criminal Justice:  To re-invigorate public confidence in the integrity & ability of the criminal justice system, by focusing on:

- Working with all responsible parties to determine a fiscally responsible and expedient strategy to pay the cost of the New Orleans Police Department consent decree and the Orleans Parish Prison consent decree. 
Increased transparency in criminal justice processes, including regularly publishing accountability metrics on websites and social media.

- Budget strategies that reflect our priorities, especially violent crime, and fostering proven crime prevention initiatives
inter-agency coordination

- Efficient management of the cities limited resources 

- An intense focus on violent crime reduction strategies while protecting civil rights & liberties

- Citizen awareness and direct participation, especially in the form of neighborhood policing
meaningful alternatives to incarceration for youth & non-violent offenders


2.  Economic Development:  An at-large member of the council represents the whole city, and Jason will take the lead in recruiting and maintaining good-paying jobs in New Orleans by:

- Supporting long standing industries and new entrepreneurs

- Encouraging disadvantaged business enterprises and develop robust compliance initiatives

- Standardizing financial incentives and programs

- Creating, fostering & then nationally advertising an incentivized environment in order to recruit non-local entrepreneurs to choose New Orleans as their home

- Partnering with business leaders to be pro-active and look for new development ideas & foster existing business growth

- Encouraging the growth and development of Louis Armstrong International Airport

- Working to re-invigorate the Port of New Orleans


3.  Workforce Development strategy: 

Having a business select New Orleans as its home is just the start. There is at times then a mismatch between the workforce needs of the new employer and the training our people have received. Jason will work to coordinate and collaborate with business leaders, high school leaders, and community college leaders so that our young people are prepared with the proper training and soft skills to benefit from the well-paying jobs coming to New Orleans.


4.   Real teamwork between the City Council and the Mayor’s office in budget preparation. The budget is tight, and for the people of New Orleans to get the government they deserve, the council and the mayor have to work together to find new and creative ways to be more efficient and effective. We must:

- Use real benchmarks and disseminate those results each year to the public.

- Work to require continuous, or at least quarterly, budget presentations to the council by the City’s Chief Financial officer.

- Create an environment to encourage citizen participation on budget issues.