Leading The Charge For Justice

"This president and this current DA may try to deflect from the true issues of racism in this nation and in our legal system by instead choosing to villainize Americans arguing that black lives must matter too, but we must root out all vestiges of white supremacy in our systems and institutions. The culture of the Orleans Parish DA’s Office must change so that we can achieve real justice for victims and others caught up in the criminal justice system" - Jason

The District Attorney’s Office has been guided by a win-at-all-cost culture that prioritizes high conviction rates, artificially set high screening acceptance rates and harsh sentencing over more effective approaches that are proven to reduce crime. As District Attorney, Jason will upend that culture, from a culture of seeking victory for prosecutors to a culture of seeking justice for victims.

Jason has a record of fearlessly fighting for progressive reform of our criminal justice system. He will reject cases built on racial profiling and illegal use of stop-and-frisk and reform the ineffective and unfair money bail system. Jason will prioritize the prosecution of serious crimes and will seek alternatives to incarceration on low level non violent offenders, which will drastically reduce the number of jail beds necessary in the city of New Orleans, saving millions of valuable tax dollars, and letting traumatized communities begin to heal and start trusting the criminal justice system again. 

For more than 20 years Jason has been speaking truth to power and fighting for the rights of the people of this city.

He will continue to press that case as District Attorney.

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