End racial profiling. End Police brutality.

Abuses of authority by those crowned with the public trust are far too common, and have been consistently ignored by the current District Attorney. As NOPD leadership has realized in the wake of the current federal consent decree, outside pressure can improve both the culture and policies of local law enforcement. Jason will maintain that pressure for reform by properly screening and refusing cases that involve abusive or discriminatory actions by the police.

In addition, Jason will proactively notify NOPD leadership of problematic reports or other evidence of questionable police work, as he believes is the prosecutor's duty. This will not only serve to increase accountability and identify patterns of police misconduct, but also provide a tremendous learning opportunity to help build better officers, and in turn, make better case investigations. Recognizing the high standards that a position of public trust commands, Jason will not hesitate to prosecute officers for abuses when appropriate.

The current DA commits to accepting at least 90% of cases that come across his desk. With this he essentially commits to accepting and prosecuting a number of bad cases involving improper or unconstitutional arrest, thereby encouraging and endorsing a culture of bad behavior that he is legally sworn to fight. This very pattern of blind case acceptance is often a gateway for even more outrageous law enforcement behavior.

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